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Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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Rainpipe antenna


QRV with the rain pipe antenna !


Recently I discovered that the gutter (in german: Dachrinne) which is mounted at the roof of our balcony is not grounded. So I tried to match it with my Annecke tuner fed with abt 5m of RG58 cable - and: it works !

I`m able to tune it on 10-40m without any problems.
The vertical section of the gutter is abt 1,5m, the horizontal section abt 3m long, you can therefore call it a "inverted-L-gutter-antenna".

Before and during WPX SSB 2003 I worked such semi rare DX as ST0RY, 3B8MM, 
HS1PDY, XT2TI, SU9NC, 9Y4/DL7DF, HC8N, DP1POL and so on. TRX is a ICOM 735 barefoot.


This is a zero cost antenna and has the big advantage that it is absolutely invisible and therefore also XYL-compatible, hi.


Anyway, it`s good for giving out some points for the big guns :-), so no excuses for not joining the contests...








The gutter used as antenna is on the 4th-floor`s balcony in the middle

of the building




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