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  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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Andorra - C30EHA - 1991:

IC735, FT757GX, FL1000, Windom, GPA30
The idea to activate a semi rare spot in Europe first was born in 1990.
Together with Tom/DL1GGT we decided to go to Andorra/C3, which was still possible during that time. We searched for at least one more operator to join us and so got in touch with Felix/DL8OBC (now DL5XL). Unfortunatelly it didn`t work out in 1990 and Felix and I made a small activity into Liechtenstein/HB0 instead.

But in 1991 we tried it again and together with Matthias (now DL5OB) we started our DXpedition on 21.7.1991. Tom couldn`t come with us this time.

Because of a unsuitable QTH in an apartment house we built only a windom antenna, which hung in a tree at abt 7m. 
Andorra is a mountain country and our QTH lay more or less in the valley surrounded by high mountains. Our signal strength was not satisfying...
Therefore we decided to install a second portable shack in the car at about 2000m a.s.l, but only running 100W into a vertical. Power was given from the car battery.

In spite of these conditions we managed to work around 6000 QSOs during our one week of operation. Best pile ups were produced during the nights on 20m/CW, here I enjoyed my first experiences with split operation.

Very sad that it is nearly impossible to get a guest license for Andorra nowadays...

C30EHA operating

Felix as C30EFA

Matthias as C30ENA

our car shack 
- very comfortable...

car shack in the
mountains of Andorra

our QSL photo standing in front of commercial radio Andorra

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