Bavarian Contest Club DJ5MW & DRØW

  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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Contest Call Category claimed Score Place QTH Remarks
DARC 10m DJ5MW CW HP 5.310 #4 Scheidegg 90 QSOs in VHF-like contest... almost no scatter.
HA DX DJ5MW SO Mixed HP 122.485 they lost my log, outch! Scheidegg first time in this contest, claimed new DL record (636 QSOs)
CQ 160m CW DJ5MW SO HP 97.944 #26 DL Scheidegg sunday evening only (401 QSOs)
VFDB Z-Contest DK0FZ SO HP 40m: 33.200
80m: 24.840
40m: #2
80m: #1
Scheidegg vy nice run! 40m: 290Qs, 80m: 190Qs
(in 4 hours!) 
ARRL DX CW DJ5MW SOAB HP (A) 851.775 #7EU, #2DL Scheidegg abt. 14 hrs, 1385 QSOs
CQ 160m SSB DJ5MW Multi-One 84.136 #1 DL Scheidegg 370Qs, 49Cty, 3States
ARRL DX SSB DJ5MW SO 15m HP 65.364 #2DL Scheidegg 440 QSOs on saturday only, snow storm let me stay at home on sunday
Russian DX  DJ5MW SOAB HP 9.807.840 #4World
#1 Z14
Scheidegg agn fb Contest, claimed #3EU behind UT7QF and OK1RI
WPX SSB DJ5MW SOAB HP (A) 5.253.300 #2DL
Scheidegg didn´t plan to be active too much, but ended with 33 hours anyway...2nd behind DL1IAO
Helvetia Contest HB9FMU M/S mixed 771.120 #1 La Chaux/Jura enjoyable contest together with HB9FMU and HB9CRV 
WPX CW DJ5MW SOAB HP (A) 5,920,952 #2DL
Scheidegg 2768 QSOs & 856 mults claim a new German record in assisted category!
2nd behind DQ80IARU @DF0HQ (OP: DL5AXX)
IARU-FD CW DF0WA/P EK 771,324 #1 Scheidegg fb fieldday with less work in EK
IARU HF Championship DA0HQ HQ 1324 QSOs #1 HQ! Siegenburg 15m/CW together with DK6WL, DL1MGB and DO2WW
WAEDC CW DM1A M/S 2,044,218 #1 EU Lampertheim ufb WAE weekend despite the bad condx!
IARU-FD SSB DM1A/P OC 791,136 #1 Scheidegg fb WX, fun despite of bad conds
WAEDC SSB DR0W SO HP 105,703 #7 DL Scheidegg vy bad conds due to solar storm, operated sunday only with K9-conds!
WAG DM1A M/S 2.176.020 #1 Scheidegg claimed new German record!
CQWW SSB DR0W SOAB HP (A) 4.284.991 #1DL
Scheidegg 3385 QSOs, condx fair.
CQWW CW DJ5MW SOAB HP (A) 5.657.148 #1DL
Scheidegg even 400k points more than last year despite worse conds
DARC XMAS DM1A Mixed 94.239 #1 Scheidegg first time in mixed mode, huge mess on SSB :-) QSO-total: 283
80m:135 QSOs 
40m:148 QSOs






Contest Call Category claimed Score Place QTH Remarks
AGCW HNY DJ5MW SO LP 2.457 56. Ailingen 91 Qs with the rainpipe
Schwabencontest DF0WA M/S 698 1. Scheidegg first time, first place! OPs: DB1PF, DG4BUL, DJ5MW

DARC 10m


Mixed HP




almost 100Qs less than 2003, 10m is going down...

CQ160m CW DJ5MW SO HP 93.718 16.DL Scheidegg 441 Qs in 5 hrs on sat. evening
ARRLDX CW DJ5MW SOAB HP 177.975 8.DL Scheidegg abt 500 QSOs on sunday afternoon
CQ160m SSB DJ5MW SO HP abt 52.000 7.DL Scheidegg 297 QSOs, testing K9AY Loop together with Wilfried, DL4GBA
ARRLDX SSB DJ5MW SOAB HP 855 - Scheidegg only 19 QSOs :-)
VHF Reg 1 DJ5MW 2m 10971km 178.
Scheidegg first 2m-Contest since a long time... 38QSOs ODX 680km
Russian DX DJ5MW SOAB HP Mix 7,639,289 #4
#1 z14
Scheidegg first time in RDXC; this will be one of my favourites!
WPX SSB DJ5MW SOAB LP 11,454 - Ailingen 79 QSOs from the apartment
WPX CW DJ5MW SOAB HP 206,910 - Scheidegg 452 QSOs for fun
IARU FD CW DL1IAO/P OB 767,360 1. Scheidegg fb FD-weekend together with Stefan, DL1IAO
IARU HF Championship DJ5MW SOAB 225,792 3. DL Scheidegg some 750 QSOs on sunday only
WAEDC CW DJ5MW SOAB HP 209,937 12.DL Scheidegg 313QSOs, 457QTCs, 273 Mults in part time entry
IARU FD SSB DL1IAO/P OB 566,168 1. Scheidegg + DL1IAO & DK1MM, again fun contest & excellent weather!
WAEDC SSB DJ5MW SOAB HP 42,020 26.DL Scheidegg 131QSOs, 251QTCs, 110Mults in part time entry
WAG DF0WA M/S 829,019 4. Scheidegg + DL4VK, 1241 QSOs
CQWW RTTY DJ5MW SOAB HP 21,296 ? Scheidegg First RTTY Contest ever!
HSC Contest DJ5MW Member 1256 2. Scheidegg Part1: 162 QSOs
Part2: 174 QSOs
CQWW SSB DJ5MW SOAB HP 5.737.290 #1 DL, #7 EU Scheidegg new German record SOAB HP after hot race with DJ4PT!
WAEDC RTTY DJ5MW SOAB 14.842 #20 Scheidegg some points for the anniversary lottery
CQWW CW DJ5MW SOAB HP (A) 5.208.045 #1 DL,
#1 EU
Scheidegg first place EU: one of my best results ever!
DARC XMAS DJ5MW SO CW HP 49.374 #4 Scheidegg claimed #4 (211 QSOs)


Contest Call Category claimed Score Place QTH Remarks
AGCW HNY DL2MEH SO <150W 588 69. Ailingen 42 Qs 20m only, 1 hour, DV27 on balcony
DARC 10m DF0WA A (Mixed) 29.500 #2 Scheidegg 211 Qs, -15°, felt like an icicle after the contest
CQWW 160m DL2MEH SO lowpower   n/e Lattenweiler 125 Qs, giving some points for the big guns
ARRL DX CW DL2MEH SOAB   n/e Lattenweiler some 200Qs on sunday only
ARRL DX SSB DJ5MW SO 10m HP   n/e Scheidegg 1. contest with new Call, terrible conds on saturday, made only 233 Qs, no time on sunday
WPX SSB DJ5MW SOAB HP 729,267 n/e Latten/Ailingen Saturday in Lattenweiler, had to QRT cause of TVI, sunday in Ailingen: 100 more Qs with 100W and my new "gutter-ant". 770 Qs in total. 
BWA DK0VD SO 80/40 165 Qs 4. Lattenweiler operated the "Baden-Württemberg-Aktivität" as DK0VD (OV P09), good run on 40m towards the end.
WPX CW DJ5MW SO 40 HP (A) 1,865,318 #1 DL Scheidegg first Test for wire yagis, a lot room for improvement...worked mostly on the HF2V. 1175 Qs, new DL record!
IARU FD CW DF0WA/P OC 944.280 1. Scheidegg very enjoyable FD-weekend!
new record in OC-category
IARU HF  DJ5MW SOAB 507.360 3.DL Scheidegg 882Qs, testing 2ele Delta for 40m, HF2V won again! Chasing HQ-Stns is fun!
IOTA DJ5MW SOAB 163 Qs n/e Ailingen just a few "gutter-QSOs"
EU-HF DJ5MW SOAB 73 Qs n/e Ailingen again heating the gutter...
WAEDC CW DJ5MW SOAB 95.906 18. Ailingen 100k-Points (claimed) with the rainpipe
IARU FD SSB DF0WA/P OC 959.824 1. Scheidegg again excellent Fieldday weekend, breaking old record!
CQWW SSB DJ5MW SOAB HP 4,317,885 #7 EU
#1 DL
Scheidegg excellent highband condx made it a fun contest again
CQWW CW DJ5MW SOAB HP 4,453,520 #10 EU
#1 DL 
Scheidegg slightely topped the SSB-result in some 43 hours of operating
DARC XMAS DJ5MW SO CW HP 45.630 3. Scheidegg 1 Operator, 2 Radios, 3rd place! (197 Qs)

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