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  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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This is an uncomplete collection of my contest activities. By clicking on the underlined contests you will see more details like complete score sheet or pictures.



Contest Call Category claimed Score Place QTH Remarks
DARC 10m DJ5MW CW HP 9,360 #2 Scheidegg 117 QSOs, 10 Countries, 70 DOKs, 2nd behind DL1IAO :-)
CQ160m CW DK1O Multi OP 1,148,000 #2 DL nr. Sigmaringen 2nd behind DR1A! 
1584 QSOs, 51 States, 74 Countries
VFDB Z-Contest DK0FZ SO HP 40m: 20.202
80m: 19.480
40m: #1
80m: #4
Scheidegg 40m: 205 QSOs, 80m: 187 QSOs
ARRL DX CW HB/NMX M/2 1.983.822 #1 EU Liechtenstein fb DXpedition together with DJ2MX, DJ4MZ, DK4YJ, DK9TN
Russian DX DRW MO2T 13.440.489 #1 World Scheidegg DK1MM, DL1IAO & DJ5MW:
happy worldwide winners!
1. BCC-Party DJ5MW Member 32.376 #1 Scheidegg 228 QSOs
IARU FD CW DM1A/P OC 964.692 #1 Scheidegg giving high power and one wire antenna a try!
2. BCC-Party DJ5MW Member 21.216 #1 Scheidegg 156 QSOs, heavy QRN from nearby thunderstroms!
WAEDC CW DJ5MW SO HP 1.648.357 #3 EU Scheidegg Single OP after 3 years at DM1A, strong competition from DL and EU
IARU FD SSB DM1A/P OC 883.461 #1 Scheidegg DL1IAO & DJ5MW operating DM1A again
3. BCC-Party DJ5MW Member 25.792 #1 Scheidegg 208 QSOs
CQWW SSB DJ5MW SOA 3.497.252 #5 EU
#2 DL
Scheidegg 2849 QSOs in 39 hours
CQWW CW DJ5MW SOAB 4.559.400 #5 EU
#1 DL
Scheidegg 3716 QSOs in 44 hours
DARC XMAS DJ5MW CW HP 69.212 #1 Scheidegg 1. time to beat DL6RAI in CW with my personal best! 242 QSOs and zero errors!




Contest Call Category claimed Score Place QTH Remarks
DARC 10m DJ5MW Mixed HP 12.284 #9 Scheidegg 148 QSOs, claimed #9
CQ160m CW DJ5MW SO HP 286.200 #9 DL Scheidegg 617 QSOs, 62 Cty, 28 States, abt. 60 W/VEs
VFDB Z-Contest DKFZ SO HP 40m: 22.074
80m: 20.040
40m: #1
80m: #4
Scheidegg 40m: vy busy start as always, but after 1 hour most stations worked... 237 QSOs
80m: best result ever, but not enough to win anyway... 205 QSOs
Russian DX DJ5MW SOAB CW  7.693.638 #2 World Scheidegg trying CW only this year, again fb contest
WPX SSB DJ5MW SOA 775.250 #4 DL Scheidegg 713 QSOs, part time activity
WPX CW DJ5MW SOAB 5.581.536 #2 EU
#1 DL
Scheidegg big DL competition this time!
IARU FD CW DM1A/P EK 780.197 #1 Scheidegg DL1IAO, DF2UU, DJ5MW OPs
IARU HF Championship OE1A HQ 10.215.948 #18 HQs nr. Bregenz OP of the 10m-CW station in Fieldday-style (about 950 QSOs)
WAEDC CW DM1A M/S 1.783.761 #2 EU Lampertheim 3rd year to join the Lampertheim team, this year beaten by DR1A
IARU FD SSB DM1A/P OC 878.526 #1 Scheidegg QSO-record despite bad conds!
WAEDC SSB DJ5MW SOAB HP 34.958 #15 Scheidegg only a few QSOs during a station maintainance weekend
SAC CW DJ5MW SOAB HP 50.094 #2 Scheidegg nice to work all the loud SAC-stns on 20 and 40. bad conds on 15/10
CQIR DJ5MW SOAB Mixed  24.660 #3 Scheidegg 166 QSOs celebrating the 75year anniversary of the IRTS
WAG DM1A M/S 1.934.504 #2 Scheidegg claimed 2nd behind DP4K, I should have read our UBN earlier to enter #1 finally...
CQWW SSB DJ5MW SOAB LP 10.564 - FN just a few contacts from home and mobile as DJ5MW and OE/DJ5MW/M
Marconi CW DJ5MW SO 38.406 #56 Scheidegg Trying new 2x7ele, 110 QSOs in abt 4 hours only
CQWW CW DJ5MW SOA 5.507.328 #2 World Scheidegg best multi score ever, 2nd behind ER0WW
DARC XMAS DJ5MW Mixed HP 77,250 #2 Scheidegg 250 QSOs, back to SO1R again
Stew Perry TBDC DJ5MW Single OP 998 abt #100 Scheidegg 230 QSOs in 6 hours, working grid squares is fun!



Contest Call Category claimed Score Place QTH Remarks
DARC 10m DM1A Mixed HP 14.260 #5 Scheidegg 155 QSOs, even 4 VKs called in! Claimed #5
CQ 160m CW DK1O M/S 759.582 #1 DL nr. Sigmaringen 1276 QSOs, 38 states, 76 countries from DK1NO-location. (DK1NO, DK1MM, DJ5MW OPs)
VFDB Z-Contest DKFZ SO HP 40m: 21.774
80m: 14.490
40m: #1
Scheidegg conds and activity worse than 2005, on 40m very weak signals from local stations. 40m: 238; 80m: 166 QSOs
Russian DX  DJ5MW SOAB Mix 9.968.880 #2 EU
#1 Z14
Scheidegg this one gets better every year!
CQ WPX SSB DJ5MW SOA HP 234.639 #4 DL Scheidegg some hours on sunday evening only, 363 QSOs.
IARU FD CW DFWA/P EK 928.236 #1 Scheidegg super Fieldday weekend, record year!
IARU HF Championship DJ5MW M/S 562.113 #7 DL Scheidegg enjoyed working WRTC-Stations
WAEDC CW DM1A M/S 1,803,036 #1 EU Lampertheim 2nd time to join the team @DLWW, claimed 1st EU
IARU FD SSB DM1A/P OC 891,175 #1 Scheidegg again ufb Fieldday weekend, claimed 1st place
CQWW RTTY DJ5MW SOAB High 29,304 - Scheidegg only 125 QSOs in this for me "new mode"
WAG DM1A M/S 1,794,780 #3 nr. Sigmaringen OPs: DK1MM, DK1NO, DJ5MW, claimed 3rd
CQWW SSB DK1MM M/S 6,396,674 #1 DL nr. Sigmaringen OPs: DK1MM, DK1NO, DK9IP, DJ5MW
CQWW CW DR1A M/M 16,359,192 #2 DL
#3 EU
Goch first time to join the team in Goch. Worked 20m together with DL1HCM & PC5A
DARC XMAS DJ5MW Mixed HP 87,804 #1 Scheidegg 2nd try in mixed, conds quite bad, 11 QSOs less than 2005, 271 QSOs total





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