Bavarian Contest Club DJ5MW & DRØW

  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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This is an uncomplete collection of my contest activities. By clicking on the underlined contests you will see more details like complete score sheet or pictures.



Contest Call Category claimed Score Place QTH Remarks
AGCW HNY DJ5MW 1 (hp) 21069 2. Allgäu 57 QSOs
Schwabencontest DJ5MW KW &UKW 899/734 1.KW
DARC 10m DJ5MW CW HP 15.496 1. Allgäu 149 QSOs
CQ160 DJ5MW HP assisted 186.384   Allgäu 583 QSOs in 6,5 hrs
VFDB Contest DJ5MW 40m 14.858 2. Gäste Allgäu 138 QSOs
ARRL DX DJ5MW SOAB 129.129 17.DL Allgäu 478 QSOs just 4 fun
Russian DX DR0W MO2T     Allgäu testing WRTC equipment with DL1IAO
CQWPX SSB DJ5MW SOAB 7.646.884 1.DL Allgäu 2929 QSOs
DARC Oster DJ5MW CW HP 55.544 2. Allgäu 215 QSOs, beaten by DL1IAO :-)
CQWPX CW DM1A MO2T     Bayreuth testing WRTC equipment with DL1IAO
IARU FD CW DR0W/P EK 857.508 1. Scheidegg 1198/228 fb wx and conds
WRTC W1P 2O2R 6.421.383 3. nr Boston bronze medal, yeah! see
WAEDC CW DJ5MW SO HP 2.942.608 1. EU Allgäu claimed nr 1 EU
Marconi 2m DJ5MW       Allgäu  
CQWW CW HB9CA M2     Letzi  
DARC XMAS DJ5MW CW HP     Allgäu  


Contest Call Category claimed Score Place QTH Remarks
Schwabencontest DRØW KW &UKW 1020/568 1.KW
Allgäu first time including 2m SSB
DARC 10m DJ5MW CW HP 19.680 1. Allgäu personal best: 164 QSOs
CQ160 DL2CC MS 704.020 4.DL Ulm friday night until saturday morning only, 1333/72/31
VFDB Contest DJ5MW 40m 17.514 1. Gäste Allgäu 40m SSB only this time
ARRL DX CW DJ5MW SOAB HP 3.097.200 2. DL Allgäu 3560QSOs, 290Mults
ARRL DX SSB DJ5MW SOAB HP 194.985 4.DL Allgäu abt 650 QSOs on saturday only, fb conds, best hour 230 QSOs!
Russian DX DJ5MW SOAB CW 10.324.216 #3 WW Allgäu claimed new DL record
CQWPX SSB DJ5MW SOA HP 396.436 #116 Allgäu 515 QSOs in 6,5 hours only
CQWPX CW DJ5MW SO HP 3.600.513 #13 EU Allgäu 2048 QSOs. startet 15m SB, but conds so bad I changed to allband on 2nd day
RRTC DJ5MW SO mixed HP 377.385   Allgäu 924 QSOs in 8 hours, nice activity
IARU HF DJ5MW checklog     Allgäu chasing WRTC test stations
IOTA DJ5MW fixed SOA mixed hp 351.735 14. Allgäu 215 QSOs
WAEDC CW DR0W MS 3.437.145 5. EU Allgäu together with DL8DYL, DL9DRA, DL5GAC; 1468/765/3025
AADX SSB DJ5MW SO hp 32.387   Allgäu a few hours only
WAG DR0W SO mixed hp 126.360 #38 Allgäu just testing station before CQWW, 470 QSOs
CQWW SSB DJ5MW SOAB HP 6.122.940 8.EU Allgäu personal best, excellent condx!
CQWW CW DJ5MW SOA HP 8.935.084 1.EU Allgäu claiming new German record
ARRL 10m DJ5MW mixed hp 184.986 15.DL Allgäu 367 QSOs in 4 hrs
Stew Perry DJ5MW high power 702   Allgäu 252 QSOs, 7,5hours testing half sloper



Contest Call Category claimed Score Place QTH Remarks
HNY-Contest DL5ØLINDAU low power 5896 44 Wangen confusing people with special call
DARC 10m DJ5MW mixed hp 10.112 13 Allgäu  
Russian DX DJ5MW SOAB HP 7.562.268 16 nr. Nürnberg TNX DL4NAC!
CQ WPX SSB DQ4W MS 9.967.023 1. DL Siegenburg together with DL1MGB
CQWPX CW DJ5MW SOAB HP 8.594.464 1. DL Allgäu claiming new DL record!
IARU FD CW DR0W/P EK 789.276 1. Scheidegg  
IARU HF DJ5MW SOAB CW HP 2.576.032 1. DL Allgäu 2548/123/193
EU HF Championship DJ5MW mixed HP 421.293 8. Allgäu 903CW-Q/431SSB-Q/317Mults
WAEDC CW DJ5MW SO HP 2.765.322 1.EU Allgäu 1352/2521/714
WAEDC SSB DJ5MW SO HP 71.779 30.DL Allgäu saturday part time only
CQWW SSB DJ5MW SOAB LP 2.733.390 3.EU Allgäu claiming #3 EU
Ukraine DX DJ5MW SOAB 82.992     - Allgäu 213 QSOs just 4 fun
CQWW CW DJ5MW SOAB HP 6.336.648 1.DL
Allgäu claiming new German record
DARC XMAS DJ5MW CW HP 69.335 2. Allgäu my personal best: 245 QSOs



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