Bavarian Contest Club DJ5MW & DFØWA

  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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IARU FD CW 2003:

Call:DF0WA/P DOK: T13
Hours: 24

Band QSOs QSO Pts Pts/QSO Mults /P Stns
160 97 351 3,62 21 75
80 154 538 3,49 34 107
40 234 750 3,21 49 119
20 317 1037 3,27 58 134
15 236 769 3,26 47 111
10 130 425 3,27 35 76
Total 1168 3870 3,31 244  
-> 244 x 3870 = 944.280 (claimed score)

Equipment Description:

IC781, IC4KL
CT v9.39 on 486 notebook 
160m: Dipole @17m
 80m: Dipole @16m
 40m: lazy Delta Loop @10-14m
10-20m: KT34XA @18m 
            A3S @14m
            GPA404 @10m

A fieldday that we will always remember!

Again we set the goal to beat DL0CS/P, who were dominating the OC category for years. (or decades!?) Moreover I wanted to reach 1Mio points, which would have been possible with better sporadic-E-conds (like in 2002)
With 1280 QSOs and 240 Mults the million should be reachable.
(At the end abt 100Qs were missing, but 4 Mults more worked as planned)

Again I invited Stefan/DL1IAO to join me and Chris/DL1MGB, who I knew from CN8WW. Fortunatelly both could already come on Friday, so we started assembling the station at 17.00 local time.

At 20.30 we took a break for some grilled sausages and salad, which my XYL Anja and a friend of hers had prepared.

The night before the contest the crew slept at my apartment in order to have a "real" bed and be relaxed for the weekend :-)

On saturday we had to get up early and managed to get to the FD-QTH again at 09:30 local not without buying the usual fieldday food...

Stefan and Chris started assembling Stefan`s new portabel tower, which he bought from DL7ON last year.
Meanwhile I cared about the KT34XA and the wire antennas.

With the help of Ulrich`s truck we were able to lift the big antenna to the top of our pneumatic tower more or less easily.

As usual it took almost to the beginning of the contest to fix all antennas. Thank god no antennas had to be retuned!

30 minutes before the beginning the station in our car was ready to go, but what? The IC4KL went to protect every time we transmitted on 10-20m. 40-160 worked fine instead.
After a lot of testing around Helmut/DG6MDG had the right idea. Due to voltage decrease of our generator the microprocessor of the ICOM failed and we had to switch the linear off and on again to reset it.

Band changes between the highbands now forced us almost every time to swith the PA off and on again. But this is nevertheless faster then tuning a "normal" linear with tubes.
In fact the IC4KL worked without any problems under these difficult field conditions, the internal tuner (which was seldom really necessary) was another thing nice to have.

15:00UTC: the contest starts
I checked the bands before the start and was very disappointed...No sporadic on 10, even almost nothing on 15...
Nevertheless I start on 10, but can only work 8 DLs and HB9s before I switch to 15.
Here the bunch of UA9/P is on and I´m able to work a lot of these welcome 6 pointers.
But 15m is also not too good and I QSY to 20 to have a first good run and complete the first hour with 56 QSOs. 20m is enjoyable and I have 125 Qs after 2 hours...uuh, that`s better. I expected a better start, but you can nothing do against the conds...

Now it`s Chris` turn. He works the whole contest without using a paddle, which Stefan and I can`t believe. But using the Alt-K feature he chases the mults around the bands like hell :-)

We are able to work a lot of good DX like JY9QJ (5 bands), J8/DL1DA (2 bands), DL2GG/YV5 (3 bands), 4K9W (3 bands), HI8RV (2 bands), VK6AJ (10-20m), PY (80m), YV(80m), VR (2 bands), VU (2 bands), 
ZL(20-40m), W (10-160m), DP1POL (40m) and a lot more semi rare countries across EU.

Altough our packet cluster didn`t work for almost half of the contest we pushed the number of mults to 244!

Our QSO-rate was quite stable around 50 per hour, best hour was 70, worst was 31 (towards the end).

Also the weather was on our side. We started having a thunderstorm nearby that produced heavy QRN during the first hours. Sitting on a mountain top on 1000m asl. thunderstorms can be very dangerous, so we were really lucky that it didn`t came too close.

While disassembling on sunday afternoon the thunderstorm returned and gave us all a shower for free. It seems to be a rule that all equipment has to be washed during fielddays :-)

Thanks all for this remarkable event, Stefan and Chris for taking the "long way" down south and all of OV Lindau/T13 for helping in various aspects.

some material to bring up the hill

me fighting with KT34-parts

Florian&Stefan connecting the rotator

is the tower really stable?

KT34XA and A3S


antenna lift

Chris, DL1MGB operating & enjoying nice mountain view

FD antenna farm

mountain view

IC4KL and stuff

testing the station right before the contest starts

Stefan, DL1IAO operating

A3S at 14m

fieldday inspector is arriving

KT34XA & some wires

view direction east

view direction west

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