Bavarian Contest Club DJ5MW & DFØWA

  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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IARU FD CW 2008:

Call: DM1A/P DOK: A24
Category: Portable, multi operator, high power, assisted (OC) OPs: DL1IAO, DJ5MW
Hours: 24

Band QSOs QSO Pts Pts/QSO Mults  
160 141 507 3.60 21  
80 210 689 3.28 31  
40 304 913 3.00 39  
20 392 1176 3.00 52  
15 239 734 3.07 37  
10 187 553 2.96 31  
Total 1473 4572 3.10 211  
-> 211 x 4572 = 964,692 (claimed score)

Equipment Description:

K3 (first 6 hours), TS870, Alpha99
Win-Test on HP Omnibook 
84m windom with 15m sleeve element @17m, R7 

This year we wanted to test, if CW-Fieldday also works without a beam, and this test was quite successfull.
Good sporadic conditions let us work all over Europe on the highbands, so we didn´t squeeze so much out of 40m as we do usually.
The 15m sleeve element of the windom somehow shortened with the coax after a few hours, so we had to install a R7 vertical on saturday evening as a 2nd antenna.

This was again a very enjoyful Fieldday weekend!

DL1IAO looking quite tired on sunday morning :-) we need more operators!

view from behind the van

men after work: Helmut/DG6MDG, Stefan/DL1IAO, Manfred/DJ5MW, Ulrich/DG4BUL                                                                    eMail: dj5mw -at-