Bavarian Contest Club DJ5MW & DFØWA

  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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Helvetia Contest 2005:

Call:HB9FMU QTH: Jura
Category: M/S mixed OPs: HB9CRV, HB9FMU, DJ5MW
Hours: 24

Band QSOs CW QSO SSB QSO total DXCC Kantone
160 86 - 86 22 19
80 179 89 268 36 24
40 299 315 614 53 24
20 296 121 417 65 21
15 143 25 168 39 19
10 26 5 31 3 14
Total 1029 555 1584 219 121
-> 2268 QSO-Points x 340 Mults = 771.120 claimed score

Equipment Description:

Main: FT1000MP, Alpha99; Mult: FT990, SB220
TR-log on 2 laptops, microham doubleten-switch, bandfilters
10-20m: 3ele SteppIR @24m, Econova Dipole @18m
40: Dipole @20m, 4-square
80: Dipole @23m
80-160m: Kelemen-Dipole @17m

2nd time after 2002 to join this contest and had great fun again.

We started on Friday installing all antennas in fieldday style enjoying excellent spring weather. First on the list was a 4square for 40m designed by Hermann, HB9CRV, which was very helpful especially RX-wise. This antenna was made of 12m long fiberglas poles.

This antenna was followed by the multiplier antennas:  trap dipoles for 160-40m and 20-10m installed on a military-like guyed tower. 

Top on the list was a 3ele SteppIR Yagi attached to a 24m high full automatic crank up tower mounted on a car trailer. You have to see this one to believe...

Inspired from our 2002 success as HB9A we tried the mixed category this time and were not disappointed despite the rather bad band conditions. No stateside on 15m! On 10m we managed to work 3 countries: HB9, DL and... VK6. On a absolute empty 10m band I heard VK6YS and was lucky to get 001 from him!
Most productive bands were 20 and of course 40m. In the evening on 40m SSB the 4-square helped a lot while listening to the pile-up on the always crowded band.

During the night (I was lucky to get the night shift, hi) 40m/CW was the best choice working a couple of stateside stations. SSB was useless during the night. I tried 40/SSB a few times, but the folks working the columbian contest taking place at the same time didn`t answer my calls...
Also 80/SSB didn`t work, so I had to stick to CW.
Moreover all single OPs seem to take their rest period during the night.

On saturday afternoon it started to rain and didn`t stop until all antennas were down again. Another example for the fieldday rule #1: "all antennas have to be washed during fielddays" 

Thanks Phil/HB9FMU and Hermann/HB9CRV for perfect organisation and nice team and our hosts for the super accomodation.

See you again in H26-Contest!

Some statistics:

HB9FMU rate sheet
HB9FMU continents


40m 4-square designed by HB9CRV



erecting the 3ele SteppIR


SteppIR at full hight looks very impressive!



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