Bavarian Contest Club DJ5MW & DFØWA

  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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Call:DF0WA/P DOK: T13
Category: OPEN C OPs: DJ5MW, DK1MM
Hours: 24

Band QSOs QSO Pts Pts/QSO Mults /P Stns
160 61 222 3,64 9 50
80 213 754 3,54 32 163
40 317 1016 3,21 46 182
20 362 1121 3,10 67 134
15 293 897 3,06 73 56
10 35 99 2,83 15 9
Total 1281 4109 3,21 242  
-> 242 x 4109 = 994.378 (claimed score)

Equipment Description:

IC781, IC4KL
WinCT on PII notebook 
160m: Dipole @17m
 80m: Dipole @16m
 40m: lazy Delta Loop @10-14m
10-20m: KT34XA @18m 
            A3S @10m
            GPA404 @10m

Once again a BIG fieldday....lots of antenna work on friday and saturday. This makes me think of starting in another category next year maybe...

The "magic 1 million points" were in reach again, but the bad 10m-conds didn`t allow us to break it.

This time Stefan/DK1MM joined me, who I knew from former activities like CN8WW.
Because of various reasons we couldn`t find a 3rd operator, so we had to do it alone. The problem is not, that you then have too much time on the radio, but that you need a third person, who cares about the generator and explains to curious spectators what we are doing here and why.
Not an easy job: sometimes even we don`t know, why we are doing this all, hi hi.

During night time each operator had to work alone for 6 hours during the rest period of the other one.

Setting up the station worked fine this time, on saturday we had to search for a contact problem on the KT34XA, which resulted in a high SWR on 20m, but more or less this could be fixed.

On Friday I got a wasp sting into my lip (yes: first watch out for insects, then drink...). After a while my whole cheek was so swollen, that I wanted to take part in CW instead of SSB. It felt like getting an injection from the dentist!
As Stefan came up and first saw me, he nearly laughed his ass off, so I told him not to shoot any close ups...
Fortunatelly I felt better the next day.

The contest itself:
The low bands sounded very noisy, we had QRN of S9+10 until sunday morning, when the bands calmed down a little bit.
So sorry to the guys, who thought we had no ears at all... This wasn`t easy at all, especially on 40, where the distance to the next station  usually was 1kc...Best time on 40m was the last hour, when Stefan managed to work another 70 stations or so.

A pity that not all EU-countries work 160m in fieldday, so not much activity on that band.

Working highbands was more fun. Especially 15m made me feel like in a DX contest, excellent openings towards JA proved once again that Fieldday and All Asian DX contest work together very well!
10m only opened for a short period, nevertheless we worked some asian mults. Unfortunatelly the KH0, who was really loud refused to work Europeans... the LUs and PYs were loud, too, on saturday evening, but there is traditionally nobody working in the contest.

DL0CS/P was in front with QSOs for a long time, during the night they were leading by about 80 QSOs. I don`t have their result yet, but I think we came very close to the end. The multipliers will give the decision once again!

WinCT worked quite well, but for some reason we had problems with the Dupe-Check and multiplier-controll in WAE-EU-mode, so we switched to ARRL-Contest-mode.
Now all functions worked except the display of W/VE-mults.

On saturday Reinhard/DF4TD showed up as official fieldday inspector, this was a nice surprise. We hope, he enjoyed our mountain view!

Thanks all for helping hands, especially Florian/DB1PF, Ulrich/DG4BUL and Helmut/DG6MDG. Without their help this would not have been possible. 
Big TNX to Fred/DF5UL, who won the DF0WA-special-price for helping on saturday and sunday with the antennas and giving 6 mults as OE/DF5UL/P !

Here are some impressions, more pictures coming up soon.

mounting the A3

in the shack

DK1MM operating

some cows in front of our fd-QTH

Florian & Stefan carrying antenna parts up the hill

traditional overview picture

Pump him up, Helmut!

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