Bavarian Contest Club DJ5MW & DFØWA

  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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Call:DM1A/P DOK: A24
Category: OPEN C OPs: DL1IAO, DK9IP, DJ5MW
Hours: 24

Band QSOs QSO Pts Pts/QSO Mults /P Stns
80 356 1166 3.28 35  
40 420 1285 3.07 48  
20 411 1246 3.03 72  
15 105 331 3.15 42  
10 38 116 3.05 18  
Total 1330 4145 3.12 215  
->  4145 x 215 = 891.175 (claimed score)

Equipment Description:

TS870 +PA
 80m: Dipole @15m
 40m: Moxon-Beam @15m
 10-20m: A3 @16m, R7 groundmounted


Again supporting OV A24 in the Fieldday with their fine new club call DM1A. 

This year we couldn`t use the highest hilltop field, because the grass was still too high, but our alternative QTH seemed to work quite well anyway! Operating went quite smoothly and there were no technical failures. Even the weather was fine this year.

Thanks to Stefan and Winfried for making the long way down to Scheidegg again and to Sabrina for her excellent catering.

See you again in 2007!

tower basement

A3 above 40m-Moxon

Stefan, DL1IAO operating DM1A/P

Sabrina, Stefan and Ulrich enjoying themselves                                                                    eMail: dj5mw -at-