Bavarian Contest Club DJ5MW & DFØWA

  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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WAE CW 2005:

Call: DM1A DOK: A24
Hours: 48

Band QSOs QTCs Mults    
80 89 107 33    
40 286 403 61    
20 551 1223 83    
15 155 246 65    
10 39 10 24    
Total 1120 1989 659    
-> (1120 + 1989) x 659 = 2,044,218 (claimed score)

Equipment Description:

Run: FT1000MP, Alpha87
Mult1: TS870, AL82
Mult2: TS870, HF2000
WinTest on 3 notebooks
 6el 10m @24m, 5el 15m @25m, 4el 20m @27m, 3el 40m @20m, 80m Bobtail/Delta Loop

First time for me to operate the DL0WW station in Lampertheim and beeing used to "wild" circumstances at my station in Scheidegg this was very comfortable. 

I travelled by train and so this was a relaxing contest for me this time, but not for Stefan who organized the whole thing for us and was under stress until the last minute before the contest started.
My band decoder died right after switching it on and also a TS870 had to be repaired. Thanks to Winfried, DK9IP all stuff was running until the end.

The contest itself presented the common summer DX propagation and so it was quite boring during daytime. But fortunatelly finding new QTC series pushes you to go on.
There are always surprises and so we found a quick stateside opening on 10m and even managed to work VE9DX there with his 80W into a vertical.

Claimed #1 EU and hopefully this will also be the result after log checking!


Fabian/DJ1YFK operating the main station, while Stefan/DL1IAO is checking for mults on Mult1-station.
Note: Vitamin C rules!

No, Fabian isn´t sleeping, he enjoys CW!, in front: Winfried/DK9IP at Mult1

some DL0WW antennas: 3ele 40m, 6ele 10m above, towers for 20 and 15 in front. Shack on the right side: this is really a house with all facilities!                                                                    eMail: dj5mw -at-