Bavarian Contest Club DJ5MW & DFØWA

  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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WAG 2005:

Call: DM1A DOK: CM04
Category: F, Multi OP OPs: DK1MM, DJ5MW
Hours: 24

Band CW-QSOs SSB-QSOs total Points Mults
80 321 155 476 1152 51
40 347 203 550 1708 61
20 249 303 552 2024 77
15 166 263 429 1622 79
10 79 62 141 402 47
Total 1162 986 2148 6908 315
-> 6908 x 315 = 2.176.020 (claimed score)

Equipment Description:

Run: IC781, IC4KL, Alpha99
Mult: TS850, Alpha78
 80m: Windom @16m
 40m: XM240 2ele Yagi @19m
10-20m: 4ele SteppIR @17m
10-20m: A3S @16m           

Due to unexpected fb band conds this contest was great fun again. Even 10m opened for a few hours to work some asians and one JA, also one US and canadian station in the afternoon :-)

We planned for some 1600 QSOs and 260 Mults and now are very satisfied with our score, which claimes a new record in M/S category. (old record was set by DL0MBG with abt 1,8 Mio in 2001)

As the WAG is a CW contest during the night I had to stay up the whole 24 hours. During the night the Multistation was absent for abt 6 hours, when Stefan went to sleep, but I think that we didn`t miss much, because there were almost no spots coming in and 20m seemed to be closed then.

Almost all CW and some SSB was done by DJ5MW, all SSB and a few CW-contacts were done by DK1MM.

Thanks for all the QSOs and see you in 2006 hopefully! 

main antenna: 4ele SteppIR & XM240

Stefan/DK1MM operating the main station, mult station in the background

DJ5MW & DK1MM after the contest, tired but happy!                                                                    eMail: dj5mw -at-