Bavarian Contest Club DJ5MW & DFØWA

  Contesting from Germany`s most southern corner

Manfred Wolf
DOK: T13
HSC #1579
AGCW #2626
RTC #56

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CQWW CW 2003:

Call: DJ5MW
Category: SOAB HP
Hours: abt 43

Band QSOs Dupes Points Cty Zones
160 157     44 7
80 617     73 17
40 553     88 26
20 541     88 24
15 1034     95 31
10 653     95 34
All 3555     483 139
Claimed Score: 4,453,520 (QSO-Nr includes Dupes)

Radio1: IC781, IC4KL
Radio2: TS850S, Alpha78
Antennas: 10-20m: A3S @20m and KT34A @12m, 
               15m: 5ele Mono @17m (12m Boom)
               40m: Wire Vertical, Dipole @15m in the wood
               80m: 1/4 vertical, Dipole @17m
               160m: Dipol @17m
N1MM Logger on 2,66GHz PC

Log statistics: (created by CBS program)

My best result in CQWW CW in spite of operating 43 hours "only".

Again condx on the highbands were much better than expected and especially 15m gave some nice westcoast runnings. 

During the contest all was more or less running, but I had some troubles to reach the QTH this time! 

The plan was to have a pleasent lunch with my wife at home, then drive to the station to be there around 3 pm and then having enough time to set it all up and test the new software.

On friday it was snowing the whole day resulting in 20 to 30cm on the ground around the QTH. 
When driving up the hill I got stuck some 500m before the shack and could not manage to go any further. Several attempts failed. So I had to wait until Ulrich came home and cleaned it all up with his snow plough.

At the end I had lost almost 2 hours of my planned sleep time and had to hurry up to install all the wires I had planned before. Normally it is fun to walk through the snow, but when it starts to get dark and you have to RUN, it`s quite exhausting...

SO2R-switching worked fine this time, my first real SO2R contest!

ZS4TX Super Combo Keyer combined with an external switch for A, B or A/B really helped making more QSOs (and mults of course).

N1MM Logger, which I used for the first time in a contest, also did a fine job for me. The two entry windows for SO2R are a real improvement over the CT-handling.

Again I had some problems with the IC781, which switched off abt 8 times during the contest. Then I had to plug the power cable in and out a few times, punch onto its back and ... it worked again...

Also the IC4KL did not work any more on 80m, so all run QSOs were made with the 2nd radio there.

Still there is some room for improvement. On top of my wish list are a 2ele Yagi for 40m and a real good tribander... Let`s see, what Santa Claus has in his sack this year...


A3S above the 5ele Mono for 15m

SO2R setup

special SO2R-switch

More photos of the station at: Station Tour

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